Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lord General Coleman Stryker : First Impressions

Lets open with his spells:
Arcane Bolt - Zzzzzz... wha? Oh..yeah.
Chain Blast - Probably not gonna see this one unless he screws up his movement.
Escort - "You really want more than one jack."  If this doesn't scream multiple heavies you're just not paying attention.  Ol' Rowdy...I'm glad its not Infernal Machine.
Fury - Morrow preserve us! Its not like its particularly hard to hit a Jack. I see Khador armor at dice -1-4. This could hurt. 
Iron Agression - Again with the multiple Jacks. This full range of upkeep spells is astounding!!

His feat...automatically hitting sounds a lot like Kreoss 2.  The extra die makes it a threat against heavier targets rather than infantry clearing. This, to me, makes units like Sword and Storm Knights an autoinclude. 

His field marshall is very good. With Assault Defenders get exciting, Stormclads get hateful, and people are glad Cygnar doesn't get thresher...yet.

The mount is a mixed bag. You'll want to charge things that are NOT engaged with friendly models.  Reform doesn't impress because its a 3" advance and triggers countercharge etc so the Elite Cadre has to be used cautiously. A very well balanced choice not to give Dash.

Plasma nimbus.  PLASMA NIMBUS.  This particular toy is a deceptively good defensive ability.  Pow 10, while not impressive alone, consistently delivers damage on arm 16.  He still should have killed his charge target, and shouldn't be risking free strikes, but every little bit helps.

Bring a squire.

So what am I thinking without seeing tier?
35 Points -
Lord General Coleman Stryker.
Black 13
Storm Lances (3)
Major Katherine Laddermore
Anastasia Di Bray (every little bit to take control of the board helps!)

Lord General Coleman Stryker.
Black 13
Storm Lances (3)
Anastasia Di Bray
Taryn di la Rovissi
Long Gunners (6) + UA
Nyss Hunters (6)
Jonas Murdoch
Madelyn Corbeau

ZOMG! Teh Infantriez!  I know, its counterintuitive here.
Nyss go through the roof as assaulting weapon masters.
Taryn clears fire lanes for two blocks of  CRA...not the best CRA known to man, but, POW 16 is just fine, thanks for asking.
Anastasia and Corbeau help guarantee your board position.

if only I wanted to paint blue...



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