Thursday, February 27, 2014

On painting and tournament requirements

There are several opinions about painting requirements and competition.   One of the most prevalent argument is that someone just wants to play and [insert excuses here]…

The most common excuse is simply they don't have time.  A can of spray paint and glue take very little time.  A three color minimum is as simple and takes only a few minutes more.  Preferring to be unpainted over painted poorly is really the difference between using the ground or an ashtray.

The position that it doesn't make a difference is technically true. Painted and unpainted models have no innate game benefit. In fact unpainted models have an advantage in lists with multiples if the same unit - but that would be unsportsmanlike. We don't espouse emergent benefits like that.

One can rationally argue that they are too detail oriented when they paint.  Therefore you can...but choose not to and we get back to time. Farmville will wait. Its okay.

These three options all boil down to it not being a priority.  I acknowledge letting that priority slip myself.  I have a unit of PrimerBane's Raiders that can attest to that. My workbench is overfull too! 

That painting is difficult doesn't really fly either.  Spraypaint is easy unless you have a tremor. Most of us don't. 

So it seems to really boil down to not wanting to paint. I get that. I don't want to exercise in the morning...hell, I should exercise harder!  Yet I do. Because the desired results require action.

I get more games in because I use a painted army.  As much because "hey, wow, those look nice" "thanks! Good luck!" is a rewarding exchange as that little bit of pride makes me more willing to get on the table. Even with my win/loss ratio being so low the effort to paint makes me more willing to justify that effort with play. Nothing like 100 hours painting for making one want to get 200 hours of game in.

'I can't motivate myself to paint' becomes the real obstacle.  Yes, you can, it simply requires you take the time to create the ritual. You already spent the time to invest in learning, and getting your supplies.  Taking this last step is as rewarding as one lets it be.

(And for the morning exercise thing - its been miserable, and had a hidden cost of having to buy new clothes. I still complain about it being horrible...
"I hate it, but I got it done. What's next?"
- we all agree it ,and the painting,  sucks.)


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