Monday, February 24, 2014

Season 2 Episode 7: Powered by beer!

Welcome welcome! Here we sit at the Alamo, beers in hand. Let the ramblings begin because.... seriously.... who reads this when you can listen!
Mark it! 02:07 Nathan's Batman
03:12 Cheers
04:40 A not so wild Jake appears
05:05 Nathan's minute rant
06:32 We think we figured out how Convergence plays
19:02 Meta shift (sort of... when you hear it you will understand)
25:00 Victor appears!!!
26:40 Chasing Rabbits: James screws up logic
31:06 And sort of back on topic
34:40 Advanced deploy
36:02 Chasing Rabbits 2: Adepticon
45:12 Back to Advanced Deploy
55:49 Other things and War room
1:04:12 End!



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