Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This is why I hate.

Nothing in particular, mind you. Just hate.

From the headlines of our friends at BOLS:
40K - The Unbeatable List 

 There is no such thing.

I don't believe in hero worship. I know it exists but I think its a waste of energy.
From out friends at Endgame Gaming:

Will plays well.  Congratulations to him!

Lets look at his lists

Nothing here is particularly new and amazing. Except that he had Issyria.  The new and amazing part of that was that he got his hands on her.  Otherwise these lists have been seen time and again.

Scott Wray brought something interesting.  Mortenebra is fairly rare.

This I found particularly interesting

The factions came out as statistically expected - Cryx, with 25% of the showing had one in each quartile. Cygnar was well distributed. The dark horse, Khador, did better than all the smack talk I get in our local meta.

From a player perspective I found something else interesting:
Folks broke out the models they had to score that morning.   In the interest of scathing rhetoric : What? Did they just break out a baggie, some super glue and a spritzer, roll the parts around, and stick them on a base until the parts held? 
(Full Disclosure: I haven't seen all the photos. All my stuff isn't painted. Sometimes this blog is like FOX news. Get over it.)

So let's get back on rant:

and by Toruk's raspy toilet paper I will  keep drilling this into people's head until they catch onto this.

I suffer my share of losses.  Hell, I snatch defeat from the jaws of impending victory all the time.  Rumor has it I'm teaching people...but the truth is that I suck.  Still, on a good day, I'll house any one of the so-called best players in the world. 
Why? People aren't always at their best.  No list is impervious. Random chance always has a part.  the best we can hope for is a good list, and to know our game. 

This is the sort of thing that drives me up a wall about netlisting: Fawning over a list that is solid in a vacuum.
I admit we have a game about steamroller coins - its a game, about a game, for a beer.  It doesn't make me a better player than the other Beerthralls.  I had a good day.  Of the skill of all the beerthralls...I'm the duck tacos of the group yet I've squeaked a win out against them all.
The Professor is academically superior - encyclopedic and good at applying his knowledge.
The Eternal Guest - whose one flaw is second guessing herself.
The Tallest simply doesn't get enough practice. When he does practice he makes sweeping changes to the last list he played rather than tweaks.
Topic Boy is methodical and knows his stuff cold.  He practices the same list over and over until he feels ready to get to broadway.
I could go on but you get the point :  all it takes is a good day. One opening. One slip. One

Go out and take a good day.
or get a beer and laugh about it...and get that good day tomorrow.



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