Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tournament Performance Anxiety

,I don't know about most of our readers, but I have a nasty case of list performance anxeity tlbefore a tournament.
In this case /weeks/ before.
I keep harping on "how to get to Broadway". Well, sometimes practice gives me an ulcer.
Players lament that Cryx is over powered but, at least in my Meta, I'm the one everyone steps up to practice against.  It means I'm not unaccustomed to catching a few beating a week. 
In the process of getting Ready for tournaments there's still a whole lot of losses to get over.  Defeat week after week after week tends to wear on a person... Despair sets in And we start to wonder what sort of challenge we might present.
The folks reading this might think I win a game or two. The fact of the matter is except for to Lucky streaks my tournament standings are fairly miserable.  In the last six months my best tournament standings were two wins and two losses; I typically go one and three. Worse yet it's often in that order - Sweep the first game and lose horribly for all the rest.
There I go time again where I know I'm probably not going to take top table.
Seems silly huh?
I'd like to blame my list for not being able to take all comers.  But the lists are fairly standard across most meta - so that really can't be it. If only I were faster or more heavily armored or hit harder.
And the one off and I'm least proud of I absolutely tilted. I got to meet some great folks from the Nova Nomads team...and provide little more than a sociable speedbump.  Hyped from the earlier week I hit a wall of losses and turned salty.
Now that's at the top of my concerns at tournament: Being a good sport.
I play a lot of 35 points. A sweet spot for me I think. Its just enough to Give you room to have toys yet not enough that you don't have to be very efficient. 50 points change how certain packages are efficient.  Units that are solid in small numbers can get large enough to get in their own way.   Units like press gangers on a lucky turn can suddenly explode and increase their numbers drastically.  I don't usually bring twice the units I need. I'm unreasonable like that.
Suffice to say I'm fretting about 50.  This week's podcast will tell you that I actually made a decision.  The issue being of course I didn't leave myself enough time to test drive anything.  Two of my list I will be going into blind And violating the Broadway concept. 
The 'ships in the night' list Is fairly straightforward but it doesn't have hitting power that one would expect to see out of Skarre. The lack of satyxis or bane thralls leaves me questioning if it can handle some heavier armor.  My consolation being press ganging warders will be hilarious.
Machine Minds Is going to be an interesting experiment. A half dozen heavy jacks Is not an everyday sight. The ability to put infernal machine on 4 of them every turn Is going to leave me far too tempted To leave heavy Jacks  unsupported. Being able to put ambush on a speed 7 incorporeal model Is going to change the complexion of Missions drastically. My average speed Should give me a command of the field on the end of my first turn And near impunity on turn two... Leaving me to pretty much play like the Redskins.
Is the third List that really has me tied up in knots.


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