Monday, March 31, 2014

Season 2 Episode 12: Be excellent to each other

Just a few of us braved going out to the Alamo where I started recording before the guys knew the mic was on. We talk about the prep for Adepticon.
NO TOPIC BOY! Bwahahaha we go nuts!
04:25 Cheers!
04:45 Jack Marshals
15:50 What the hell? 40K talk?
16:40 Meanwhile, in a good game
20:15 The Bokur sucks? and shield guard
25:10 Knocked down models and Ride-by Attacks
27:35 Beer talk and Adepticon
1:10:23 Close out


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A very late shout out

As promised I would post and discuss what was the most memorable game of my last Steamroller tournament.

EHaley...this was an atrocious experience - not from a player perspective, but from a "What the hell am I gonna do?" perspective.

If you look at the table this is the last two rounds of me being dug in like a tick trying to tough until the clock runs out.

Ships in the Night : Tier 4 pSkarre 2 (Max) Press Gang Blackbane's 2 sea dog deck gun 2 revenant cannon crew 2 Mariner 2 warwitch siren 3 scavenger VS: eHaley Thorn Stormwall 2 storm Strider 2 stormsmith storm caller Stormsmith light artillery 6 storm knights And I forget....

Honestly were it not for lucky tough rolls and one movement mistake I would have been tabled.
If my opponent and I had learned any lessons from this weekend it was to watch the positioning of our casters much more closely. I had said this once in the podcast but it bears repeating : I was completely outmatched. Not quitting and desperately hanging on made a better game.
Apparently luck can sometimes substitute for practice!

In perspective my opponent had a picture perfect game. I was jealous! Then luck laid him low. I can't wait to try it again and see how it goes next time!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Season 2 Episode 11: Cupcake Thralls strikes again

Hi everyone! We are back at Nathan's house with our favorite cupcakes and talking about the bestest game ever: Warhammer 40k!

Powered by happiness and sugary confection!
07:00 Raise your cupcakes!
10:20 1 Minute affirmation
12:00 Zhal with Gatorman Bokur and shamblers... OMG
15:00 BeerThralls fanfic
17:00 Vengeance fluff
44:05 Actual game stuff in Vengeance
56:15 Last beer down


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Season 2 Episode 10: We're bad at podcasts

Its snowing!! We are sitting at the house because St. Patty's day at a bar is loud. But, we brought beer and talk about the local 27 person tourney.

02:00 Cheers!
06:20 Once again Jacob has not seen 5th Element
10:28 Topic Boy!
11:03 Topic Boy Dubstep
12:38 Huzzah Hobbies 50 point Tournament
19:47 Scott drops a coin
1:25:20 Welcome to Recipe thralls
1:25:55 Adepticon
1:26:35 Minute Rant!
1:28:16 Nathan wins a bet
1:29:02 Closing out


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Just as a shout out:

Wargames Bakery makes a damn fine product.

These guys sell a six inch negative impression disk to help with so:

Its distressingly easy to use - even for those of us with a taste for drink.

As you can see its just press putty against the base (and if you can't figure putty out sober up and come back tomorrow.

Welcome back!  Now press the putty into your base, moisten it and the mold (it gets embarrassing if you can't. It is also part of the instructions. No, really, I read the manual.)


No, get in there and look at it:

Let it cure overnight...

and even my crap can look a little better.

Give these guys a look.


Not a sermon

Okay I lied.
After all you left this pulpit out all inviting...who could have controlled themselves?

The worst thing about tournament is it brings out the worst in our competitive streak. With every person jockeying for a better position it's very easy to lose track of certain basic ideas:

You are a guest
The tournament organizers doing this for both fun and as a service. Being both courteous and gracious should be expected behavior. Please and thank you not just for old movies and formal dining.

Everyone is as important as you are.
More accurately everyone is as unimportant as you are. The organizer has how many other people to tend to as well as yourself?  Demonstrate some humility.

Hold your comments to the end
You may be tempted to speak your mind. Unless its against an urgent (fire, injury, biological) issue there is no reason to speak out. You have plenty of charm for your opponents and.this is a good time to be sociable.  Issues with the event can be brought to the organizer after. This means accepting their rulings with grace and humility. The time to gripe is in the car riding home.

You are going out to play.
This idea is critical. If you have read too much Tucker Max or Sirlin you need to go fuck off. Sincerely.  Whether science reinforces the theory that pressure improves play (to a point) or not this is closer to sandlot soccer than FIFA tryouts.  If you can't keep it to pre Bobby Fisher shenanigans then go home.

That said
Good luck to everyone not me.
Play a good game.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Competitus interrupus

Tis the season.
No, really : within 3 hours drive there appears to be a steamroller event at least once a month from now until August.  At least where I am.

I'm handing out wins at the cost of strength of schedule. Unlike the Santa Claus of your childhood I won't be wearing red or reeking of cheap whiskey - my gift to you.

Its going to be like an ASPCA ad: Sarah McLachlan will sing and drop her best guilt trip. " For just pennies a day you can help these poor pathetic drunks learn to play.  You can save these thralls from the pain and humiliation of their podcast. Won't you save a man from crying into his beer week after week? Call now..."


In my desperate attempts to get better at this game I have gone off the deep end to test drive lists that completely controvert the established Cryx meta.

There are arguments that Tier list are simply not competitive. Malarkey. It's no fun being on the business end of some tiers.  The Cryx ones however can devolve In to bad comedy. Two of those are the ones I will be using:

Ships in the Night
Also known as the "I can haz piratez?" list. And all the Pirates I shall bring. Thanks to the magic of eBay and timed matches rather than timed turns I expect to be only slightly less popular than taxes.

Machine Minds
The only reason I have Iron Lich Overseer.  Also a desperate hope that I play against a high percentage of warmachine. 

Like any of my plans, and completely against my advice on how to get to Broadway, I know in my heart I am far too clever for my own good.  I am simply too confident about and too comfortable with this idea. I should instead be bringing it tried and true tournament list.

On the other hand: 
One of the throws has been very proud at having an army painted for this tournament. He started in January.
I started one of my list bare metal the beginning of this month.  With any luck I can pull that off and have a moral victory. :)

The fully painted army would be nice too.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Season 2 Episode 9: Returning Douche'

James is very tired so editing is very light. That means you get to hear a lot of the banter we cut out!
4:05 Cheers
4:50 Topics... sort of
5:17 We are being given crap and Burlesque troop Those Freaking Weirdos
9:33 50 Point Steamroller event at Huzzah Hobbies in Sterling VA
14:20 Lists you always bring to tournaments (like the one on the 15th at Huzzah Hobbies!)
39:42 BEER!
50:27 Coin check funnies
53:42 Breweries in Richmond and food trucks
58:15 Adepticon
1:07:57 Closing out


Monday, March 3, 2014

Season 2 Episode 8: Our gang sign is a clinking glass

Scott and James return from the 50 point Steamroller down at the End Games and talk about their games while drinking amazing beer.
01:05 Cheers
09:20 We actually say who we are
13:40 Thanks Jim for running an awesome tournament!
27:30 James has more servators then fits on a Broken Egg Board
30:20 Untapped app
38:10 Burlesque shows know us
49:44 Steam Powered Giraffe Diamonds cover
1:00:40 Nathan's wedding ring is a bottle opener
1:01:00 Anne Hathaway is sparkly

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