Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A very late shout out

As promised I would post and discuss what was the most memorable game of my last Steamroller tournament.

EHaley...this was an atrocious experience - not from a player perspective, but from a "What the hell am I gonna do?" perspective.

If you look at the table this is the last two rounds of me being dug in like a tick trying to tough until the clock runs out.

Ships in the Night : Tier 4 pSkarre 2 (Max) Press Gang Blackbane's 2 sea dog deck gun 2 revenant cannon crew 2 Mariner 2 warwitch siren 3 scavenger VS: eHaley Thorn Stormwall 2 storm Strider 2 stormsmith storm caller Stormsmith light artillery 6 storm knights And I forget....

Honestly were it not for lucky tough rolls and one movement mistake I would have been tabled.
If my opponent and I had learned any lessons from this weekend it was to watch the positioning of our casters much more closely. I had said this once in the podcast but it bears repeating : I was completely outmatched. Not quitting and desperately hanging on made a better game.
Apparently luck can sometimes substitute for practice!

In perspective my opponent had a picture perfect game. I was jealous! Then luck laid him low. I can't wait to try it again and see how it goes next time!



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