Thursday, March 13, 2014

Competitus interrupus

Tis the season.
No, really : within 3 hours drive there appears to be a steamroller event at least once a month from now until August.  At least where I am.

I'm handing out wins at the cost of strength of schedule. Unlike the Santa Claus of your childhood I won't be wearing red or reeking of cheap whiskey - my gift to you.

Its going to be like an ASPCA ad: Sarah McLachlan will sing and drop her best guilt trip. " For just pennies a day you can help these poor pathetic drunks learn to play.  You can save these thralls from the pain and humiliation of their podcast. Won't you save a man from crying into his beer week after week? Call now..."


In my desperate attempts to get better at this game I have gone off the deep end to test drive lists that completely controvert the established Cryx meta.

There are arguments that Tier list are simply not competitive. Malarkey. It's no fun being on the business end of some tiers.  The Cryx ones however can devolve In to bad comedy. Two of those are the ones I will be using:

Ships in the Night
Also known as the "I can haz piratez?" list. And all the Pirates I shall bring. Thanks to the magic of eBay and timed matches rather than timed turns I expect to be only slightly less popular than taxes.

Machine Minds
The only reason I have Iron Lich Overseer.  Also a desperate hope that I play against a high percentage of warmachine. 

Like any of my plans, and completely against my advice on how to get to Broadway, I know in my heart I am far too clever for my own good.  I am simply too confident about and too comfortable with this idea. I should instead be bringing it tried and true tournament list.

On the other hand: 
One of the throws has been very proud at having an army painted for this tournament. He started in January.
I started one of my list bare metal the beginning of this month.  With any luck I can pull that off and have a moral victory. :)

The fully painted army would be nice too.



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