Saturday, March 15, 2014

Not a sermon

Okay I lied.
After all you left this pulpit out all inviting...who could have controlled themselves?

The worst thing about tournament is it brings out the worst in our competitive streak. With every person jockeying for a better position it's very easy to lose track of certain basic ideas:

You are a guest
The tournament organizers doing this for both fun and as a service. Being both courteous and gracious should be expected behavior. Please and thank you not just for old movies and formal dining.

Everyone is as important as you are.
More accurately everyone is as unimportant as you are. The organizer has how many other people to tend to as well as yourself?  Demonstrate some humility.

Hold your comments to the end
You may be tempted to speak your mind. Unless its against an urgent (fire, injury, biological) issue there is no reason to speak out. You have plenty of charm for your opponents and.this is a good time to be sociable.  Issues with the event can be brought to the organizer after. This means accepting their rulings with grace and humility. The time to gripe is in the car riding home.

You are going out to play.
This idea is critical. If you have read too much Tucker Max or Sirlin you need to go fuck off. Sincerely.  Whether science reinforces the theory that pressure improves play (to a point) or not this is closer to sandlot soccer than FIFA tryouts.  If you can't keep it to pre Bobby Fisher shenanigans then go home.

That said
Good luck to everyone not me.
Play a good game.


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