Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Season 2 Episode 15: You spoiled my spoilers!

We are at the Alamo and are bad podcasters. We have no topic boy and no cat wrangler... enjoy
04:45 We describe the beer/cider mix from heaven
07:05 Limited release beer and Rebecca knows more about beer than us
10:58 Fern Gully and old people
13:00 Where is the Jewish state in Immorean?
15:20 Journeyman!
15:38 We forgot Cheers...
34:08 Hold my beer and watch this
42:02 Dude Bro
42:24 The three stages of Goreshade
46:58 Convergence Corollary
49:55 Undead soul tokens
56:46 Closeout


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Caspian Holidays

So, slinking around Caspia I ended up in Sul (Alexandria .... yeah, I'm taking geographic liberty.)
At the Mad Fox.

Thirteen different brews give them a strong standing in a brew for every taste. Also,  their brews are most definitely tuned for every taste - nothing particularly experimental...
The food is excellent but braver than the brews. Definitely worth besieging those crazy menites for the experience.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

His petard is structurally sound.

So the  journeyman league at Huzzah Hobbies (see also: warmachine@huzzahhobbies) started week 0 ( of 6)  last night.
The Enabler, thinking he was clever, suggested "hardcore journeyman " in the podcast in case you weren't listening.

Well, he got his.  The pressganger dutifully oversaw several players random factions but none were so anticipated as the Enabler ... who for Gatormen.

His theme idea "Super Sentai Kaiju Reptiles " Was immediately shut down after a particularly crazed look crossed his face. It seemed a safe idea to stop him when he started humming the Power Rangers theme music.
Mortal Kombat was also vetoed as a precaution.  The echo of " Gator Kombat: FIGHT " was just too much. 

He finally settled on the following teaser pics ... but we're not sure where his dementia is going...


Monday, April 14, 2014

Season 2 Episode 14: Kickstart me some journeymen

James just got the Kickstarter box in with all those pretty pretty models. What can you do? Oh, I know! Sit in a bar, drink beer, and discuss!

05:37 Cheers
06:50 Journeyman warcasters and minor warlocks
32:55 Wyatt Earp and Mark Twain walks by
45:00 One Minute Rant: Vic
47:15 Journeyman league
54:25 Awesomeness sidebar
1:02:35 Closing out


Sunday, April 13, 2014

On the road to Llael

So I was lost hiding from the Northern Crusade when my Alcohol Sense (TM - screw you spider guy!) kicked in and drew me to Adroit Theory. 
Purcellville VA is home to quite possibly the most heavy metal brewery I've seen.  Masterfully executed advertisement and strong use of social media are being put to steong use by brewers who sincerely love their craft. 

Big flavor ... no, bigger....BIGGER... flavor and huge specific gravity are the heart and soul of this brewery to the point of no small shame about a 7%abv oatmeal stout that stands up to breweries with ten times the capacity.  These gents make some no excuses brews that rock out with punk rock spirit and Swedish black metal riffs.

There is a membership club that makes my mouth water: 6 session beers that will not be available to the public. As the ENABLER I still had issue justifying this in year 1 of a brewery. Maybe year 3...but check out for the Black Heart Society!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Season 2 Episode 13 Part 3: Last and final

Ok last one... I swear. The beer was running out.
00:35 Iron Box Games and Secret Weapon

yeah... I give up... Just listen

17:00 For Vic "This is the prettiest beer pored in a plastic cup"
45:20 Bill Anderson of the Gamers Lounge
50:55 3 Growlers and a grunt down
1:19:00 Question for Question

Psst we are drunk

And then we get serious. This conversation will be posted on Gamers Lounge and as a limited brew here later


Season 2 Episode 13 Part 2: More Adepticon!

Wow... that is a lot of talking. Of course we did have a LOT of beer

06:00 The NEW guy
07:30 Want to have some beer?
08:45 Back to Tectonic Craft Studios
10:15 Question: Why Warmachine instead of Hordes?
17:35 Ragna shield guard's the conversation
19:45 Rick arrives from Tectonic Craft Studios and talks 3d printing
32:55 Lazeretc on Facebook. BeerThralls pint glasses!
34:30 Kurt shows up with a leather mug!
37:35 Bob Barker is a lich
38:50 Back to Masters.... and team tournament
58:15 Burgers are half off?!
1:00:20 Other things that happened and classes
1:05:20 Back to Crystal Brush and Wappel


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Season 2 Episode 13: Adepticon Part 1

That's right ladies and gents, ADEPTICON! If you follow us on Facebook (and you should), we had a blast of late nights drinking and having fun.
03:12 Cheers and 30mm can't have gluten beer
04:10 Vic is a Time Lord
04:40 30mm talk -
08:03 What we have done so far
18:00 Crystal Brush
19:10 Vendor room, Privateer Press minis, and James needs to kill Ragna
36:50 Couple of games played and geeks in trees
50:30 Battlefoam shows up and interviews
53:32 Hey dummies - Raspberry hefeweizen 
59:00 Canadians are Bigfoot
1:01:10 Jay's Big Game
1:03:10 Romeo shows up and the story to end all stories

And we cut when  arrives Tectonic Craft Studios arrives


Scars of Caen for journeymen

So the season is over. This was possibly one of the cooler concepts for seasonal league in a while.

Everybody's a fan of dragons at some level. Even if its solely for  monsters destroying cities. Participating in the storyline to figure out which of two dragons gets to recite "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!' was fun.

On top of that the Slayer was far and away the best league model.  Combine it with some of the tier list that reward you for a swarm of them...

But it led us to some serious thought:
There's no reason not to start a journeyman league in your local game store.   I know you want to make excuses about being expensive or having All the stuff you want... But local stores provide new players.  It's hard to get a game in with Amazon... and Vassal only goes so far.

So it's time for a journeyman league. New players get welcomed in, older players get a fresh perspective.

I propose:
Random draw of faction (waived for new folks)
Random draw of caster - exclude huge base casters. Newbie veto applies.
35 points
$5 sign up goes to store.
Winner determined by standard league points.

If every store could run these once or twice  a year there would be a constant trickle of income...

Guess its time to organize!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Perspective is a bitch

Everyone takes something different from an event.  Experiences, hangovers, and in my case: the silverware. Valjean is clucking his dissappointment, but its true.

If you've been listening to the podcast we've been intense about this coming Adepticon for :

The Crystal Brush. (A minis painting competition.)
To go out and play with strangers.
And our internet radio show.

I've had a chance to read for half a week about 40k players being so hurt in regards to this edition of their game. Only days before going to the largest House Rules events to become internet heroes.  "I don't like X. Y is unfair. Girls don't belong. Crush all those scrubs!  Win for the Cobra Kai dojo!"

In essence a caldera of misogyny and displaced competition attempting to be one of the nerdiest bachelor parties ever.  Without much nudity because everyone has to go home to their wives.

So I'm hoping all our readers and all our listeners that did get a chance to go up there hold on to just a little bit of perspective:

You went out to play.  Some of you in a city you've never been to before. With people you may not have met. Go to restaurants you don't have near your home. Go out for a couple hours and just see the city.  Make sure to have some Gatorade ... and get it from the corner store rather than 7 11.

We can stay in our lightless man cave and work on our cave  fish complexion when we're at home.

Go raise a glass with a stranger! Let them tell you about their home  meta. Tip the servers better than you would at home. Take some photos to share with your friends.

Whatever you do: don't let the idea that you're going to a competition devour the innocent childish fun of going out to play!!


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