Wednesday, April 16, 2014

His petard is structurally sound.

So the  journeyman league at Huzzah Hobbies (see also: warmachine@huzzahhobbies) started week 0 ( of 6)  last night.
The Enabler, thinking he was clever, suggested "hardcore journeyman " in the podcast in case you weren't listening.

Well, he got his.  The pressganger dutifully oversaw several players random factions but none were so anticipated as the Enabler ... who for Gatormen.

His theme idea "Super Sentai Kaiju Reptiles " Was immediately shut down after a particularly crazed look crossed his face. It seemed a safe idea to stop him when he started humming the Power Rangers theme music.
Mortal Kombat was also vetoed as a precaution.  The echo of " Gator Kombat: FIGHT " was just too much. 

He finally settled on the following teaser pics ... but we're not sure where his dementia is going...



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