Sunday, April 13, 2014

On the road to Llael

So I was lost hiding from the Northern Crusade when my Alcohol Sense (TM - screw you spider guy!) kicked in and drew me to Adroit Theory. 
Purcellville VA is home to quite possibly the most heavy metal brewery I've seen.  Masterfully executed advertisement and strong use of social media are being put to steong use by brewers who sincerely love their craft. 

Big flavor ... no, bigger....BIGGER... flavor and huge specific gravity are the heart and soul of this brewery to the point of no small shame about a 7%abv oatmeal stout that stands up to breweries with ten times the capacity.  These gents make some no excuses brews that rock out with punk rock spirit and Swedish black metal riffs.

There is a membership club that makes my mouth water: 6 session beers that will not be available to the public. As the ENABLER I still had issue justifying this in year 1 of a brewery. Maybe year 3...but check out for the Black Heart Society!



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