Thursday, April 3, 2014

Perspective is a bitch

Everyone takes something different from an event.  Experiences, hangovers, and in my case: the silverware. Valjean is clucking his dissappointment, but its true.

If you've been listening to the podcast we've been intense about this coming Adepticon for :

The Crystal Brush. (A minis painting competition.)
To go out and play with strangers.
And our internet radio show.

I've had a chance to read for half a week about 40k players being so hurt in regards to this edition of their game. Only days before going to the largest House Rules events to become internet heroes.  "I don't like X. Y is unfair. Girls don't belong. Crush all those scrubs!  Win for the Cobra Kai dojo!"

In essence a caldera of misogyny and displaced competition attempting to be one of the nerdiest bachelor parties ever.  Without much nudity because everyone has to go home to their wives.

So I'm hoping all our readers and all our listeners that did get a chance to go up there hold on to just a little bit of perspective:

You went out to play.  Some of you in a city you've never been to before. With people you may not have met. Go to restaurants you don't have near your home. Go out for a couple hours and just see the city.  Make sure to have some Gatorade ... and get it from the corner store rather than 7 11.

We can stay in our lightless man cave and work on our cave  fish complexion when we're at home.

Go raise a glass with a stranger! Let them tell you about their home  meta. Tip the servers better than you would at home. Take some photos to share with your friends.

Whatever you do: don't let the idea that you're going to a competition devour the innocent childish fun of going out to play!!



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