Thursday, April 10, 2014

Season 2 Episode 13: Adepticon Part 1

That's right ladies and gents, ADEPTICON! If you follow us on Facebook (and you should), we had a blast of late nights drinking and having fun.
03:12 Cheers and 30mm can't have gluten beer
04:10 Vic is a Time Lord
04:40 30mm talk -
08:03 What we have done so far
18:00 Crystal Brush
19:10 Vendor room, Privateer Press minis, and James needs to kill Ragna
36:50 Couple of games played and geeks in trees
50:30 Battlefoam shows up and interviews
53:32 Hey dummies - Raspberry hefeweizen 
59:00 Canadians are Bigfoot
1:01:10 Jay's Big Game
1:03:10 Romeo shows up and the story to end all stories

And we cut when  arrives Tectonic Craft Studios arrives



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