Friday, April 11, 2014

Season 2 Episode 13 Part 2: More Adepticon!

Wow... that is a lot of talking. Of course we did have a LOT of beer

06:00 The NEW guy
07:30 Want to have some beer?
08:45 Back to Tectonic Craft Studios
10:15 Question: Why Warmachine instead of Hordes?
17:35 Ragna shield guard's the conversation
19:45 Rick arrives from Tectonic Craft Studios and talks 3d printing
32:55 Lazeretc on Facebook. BeerThralls pint glasses!
34:30 Kurt shows up with a leather mug!
37:35 Bob Barker is a lich
38:50 Back to Masters.... and team tournament
58:15 Burgers are half off?!
1:00:20 Other things that happened and classes
1:05:20 Back to Crystal Brush and Wappel



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