Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Season 2 Episode 15: You spoiled my spoilers!

We are at the Alamo and are bad podcasters. We have no topic boy and no cat wrangler... enjoy
04:45 We describe the beer/cider mix from heaven
07:05 Limited release beer and Rebecca knows more about beer than us
10:58 Fern Gully and old people
13:00 Where is the Jewish state in Immorean?
15:20 Journeyman!
15:38 We forgot Cheers...
34:08 Hold my beer and watch this
42:02 Dude Bro
42:24 The three stages of Goreshade
46:58 Convergence Corollary
49:55 Undead soul tokens
56:46 Closeout



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