Monday, May 19, 2014

Practice makes perfect. Pt. 1

As a player of possibly the least conventional faction lists I am a proponent of trying new things. Things outside the norm, and well outside what most would call a comfort zone.

I wanted to talk a little about practicing what I preach. Lucky you.

This had originally started out as a screed against those cookie cutter so called "top tier" casters and lists. I came to the realization that I sincerely don't care. I will never be able to convince my fellow Cryx Players that the "moar banez" doctrine is stupid.  There's another cliche for each of the  factions.

Having read the forums about Warmachine for 8 years now I think I've seen every round of adoration for every model.   It bores me to tears.

Don't get me wrong I'm all for going with what works. Unlike in Street Fighter you can't just spam the A button.  There's a way around everything.  There is no perfect synergy.

"But what about supermegaheroguy? He's the best in the world!" Do. Not. Care. If we spend our time learning how to beat SMHG we're not spending that time leading to play better. In fact we're learning to play worse - If SMHG Flips the script and plays to beat his own hard counters... oh wait we've already seen that.

I get stuck on this topic a lot: More banes is not necessarily more good.  Apparently some players are insane and insist that this is the only way to go.   The "More Banes" yheory simply doesn't fly anymore. The reason I'm so about describing Cryx in particular Is that I am so very familiar with it.

Blah blah blah Top Tier caster blah blah.  You simply don't understand your casters. You don't get your whole  toolbox and your opponents know it.

I'd love to say the any one unit is empirically better than any other. For every argument I could make  there are at least two counter arguments against.  My personal favorite is "bane x". Most argumentation is done in a vacuum. Perfect strategic position, and perfect timing are the crux of any of these arguments.

Every unit has a purpose. Sometimes the applications are niche like the boarding party, or broad like banes.  The trick is to not judge in a void but to look at best /worst cases.  Sometimes a single bile thrall is worth more than 18 bane thralls and vice versa. More educated game theory and more mature reasoning would tell me a unit's value is all about the exchange we can make it create. 

People who do the same safe thing over and over only teach how to counter that tactic.



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