Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Season 2 Episode 16: There's a pig we have to kick

Welcome! That's right. We start with Bacon Beer and end with more babbling!
04:51 We have seen the first people ejected from the Alamo
11:12 Beer Talk: What is a flight of beers?
12:12 Owen informs us of something important
16:24 Minute Rant: Nathan
18:25 Minute Rant: Nyan Cat
22:08 How to set up your War 
29:55 Dominar Rasheth goes epic 
32:42 And back 
37:38 Sidetrack to Incorporeal 
40:47 local and national Meta 
1:00:11 FoodMachine 2014
1:04:01 Closing and Nathan's story



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