Saturday, May 24, 2014

Zomg! Teh lazies!

So you probably noticed that we've stopped posting for almost a month now. We've been lazy.
We make a podcast once a week but we don't hand out homework at the end of the damn thing. We should be fixing that shortly.
Our cat herder ( Because cat boy sounds somewhere between juvenile baseball And super hero anime furry) can attest :Keeping us on topic is difficult enough!
We are however aware of the things we're behind on:
"Painting Nemo"  - A project Orange Crush themed army.
Our table - interestingly there was a Kickstarter that blew the wind out of our sails on this.  We should talk soon about coming back around to this.
Then there's a video we shot.. Topic Boy apparently wanted to avoid this so hard he got engaged.  We haven't forgotten.
This year's genuine project Orange Crush...Legion of Orangeblight?
Warmachine Weekend
NoVa Open
Damn we got some stuff going on!
And in the next few days we have
Of course there's Memorial Day weekend
And a tournament at The End Games on the 31st where we get to watch our enabler lose time and again while we point and laugh!
More stuff coming this year!
Grab a scorecard and make your bets as to what gets done!


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