Monday, June 30, 2014


Per Maudlin:

This ruling replaces all previous ones:
1/ If a model is advancing through a different model and loses the ability to do so while the bases are overlapping, it moves to the last legal position and resumes movement if possible. The same is true if it is moving through terrain and loses the ability to do so.
2/ If a model is involuntarily moving through a different model, and loses the ability to do so while the bases are overlapping, it stops moving and you apply the rule of least disturbance.
This deals with all questions regarding Spirit Chaser, Treewalker, free strikes from Incorporeal models, et al.

Holy crap.

I imagine Nathan's going to go back to using three machine wraith...oh, wait...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Practice makes perfect - pt 2

There is comfort in familiarity.
The ability to anticipate and rely on consistent behavior.  It breeds complacency and creates inertia.

I'm going to beat up on a couple of factions over the course of however many of these I need to go on with.
This is part 2 of picking apart the current Cryx Meta.

A lot of our units don't get use and it seems to stem from what I considered two primary issues:
A lack of understanding and a lack of willingness to lose models. None of our units actually suck but many of them compete with each other for the same purpose.

For the longest time it has been all about a few select units. Certain very basic units became anomalous on the tournament scene because they were not as effective as one or two very specific units.  The argument being these were objectively superior due to their multi role application. 

I have a problem with this because the use of these particular units takes away one of our greatest strengths : mobility.  Our faction is on average 20% faster.  The forces that give us the most trouble are the ones that are the most mobile.  Even the ones that can constrain our mobility have trouble keeping up with us.

So where am I going with this? We hate theorymachine delving into statistics and turning into perfect world scenarios as we try to defend our arguments : The game itself is so rarely perfect.

New powers and abilities are in relation to what gets the most play.  Goreshade 3, and the skarlock commander were released in an attempt to shift the meta away from the bane intensive play we see at far too many tournaments. ( Full disclosure: I do indeed play a 24 bane pGoreshade list.)

When we look at our most unpleasant matchups we have them look at how things develop because of how we play. 


Monday, June 23, 2014

Season 2 Episode 22: The Full Metal Episode

Correctmo says we are at episode 22... from the Alamo... after a crushing American tie in the World Cup. Sorry for the shitty audio. Our mic was acting up.

01:35 Coin check!
03:00 We challenge the US soccer team to a Warmachine game
07:00 Cheers
10:13 New toys
32:30 Orange Crush
44:00 The Journeyman
56:00 Close out


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Like a slap fight between crippled Titans

Tuesday's game night was an example of how Warmachine can be a game of extremes.

35 points is not huge. Its ideally quick and brutal - streamlined for mayhem. The Professor and a man rapidly earning a nickname burned through two 35 point games in the time it took for me to have one. 

Trollbloods vs Circle, despite circle movement tricks, is not necessarily a fast game. Tough and portable walls can make a mess of the best laid plans.  Combined with this they can have ridiculous armor and contributes to the perception of armor skew.  They sped through Kruger and Cromac.

I faced down pStryker with the Coven. As much as I try I'm not mastering the Coven. If it wasn't for my using the terrain to my advantage I would have lost on turn three.  My machine wraith had been neutered either by being thrown a juicy target or by keeping their targets out of reach.  Jack marshalled chargers are simply too tempting not to take - gun mages or no.    In all my opponent did a spectacular job compensating for an opponent he had never really faced and was very unfamiliar with.  When he gets a little more comfortable with that list I suspect he will be a holy terror with what is considered a mid grade Cygnar caster.

We also learned that the scenarios for this half of the summer event are fairly exciting.  Not precisely balanced but exciting nonetheless! 

A fairly standard Magehunter Strikeforce did its level best to remind father Lucant that the convergence is still on their hit list.  Apparently the angriest of elves had a hard time figuring out what to hit on the warjacks allowing the art deco to overcome their iPod design styles. 


Monday, June 16, 2014

And they say community was cancelled ...

For the next week or so its probably going to be all World Cup and Warmachine.  This is of course funnier because at least one of us can only pick the losing bracket.

It's also the official start of summer. Herds of school buses are no longer making their way through our wonderful traffic.  This means more kids at your local gaming shop.  I'm lucky enough to know a couple of decent kids  ( ironically the voice to text refused to accept I said decent and kid in the same sentence) so handling the over eager little terrors is just slightly easier for me.  So I figured a couple of reminders on how to keep those precious snowflakes in line would be a useful thing.  This way wrangling the cantankerous neckbeards gets the lion's share of your RDA of petulance.

1) summer league and summer league 2: electric Boogaloo.

After a point we all get acclimated to spending 8 hours in a prison with someone droning at us while we wish we were elsewhere.  The opportunity to play a lot is quite seductive.   Cut the points per game in half for every game before 4:30 p.m.  In the second league play a completely different format.   

2) service guarantees citizenship.

It's inevitable that terrain gets worn.  You have a resource that responds to even a small amount of bribery.  If it works for white washing fences it can work to help the shop.
     Not that hard to prefab a few cheap buildings or walls.  They're always in demand and always seem short supply.  Insulation foam and hot wire cutters probably merit a permission slip but free kids working on time consuming maintenance is not to be ignored.
"It helps us keep tables free...." 

3. Runners

"Take a break. Head over to the Wawa and get me a.."
This is a full 15 minutes or more of respite.  Tips are of course simply good form.

4. Prep for the next event.

Kids are full of ideas :
How would you... 
Which would be awesome?
Which is more fair?

When they're participating the younger players get to demonstrate their enthusiasm and help build the community. The more established players get to mentor!
Win-win for community building.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Season 2 Episode 21: Nathan drinks a Who

At the Alamo, after a real rough weekend, drinking and podcasting. More of the former than the later.
02:50 Cheers!
04:19 How to stop a warlock from transferring
08:50 L&L
16:51 Double Colossal and Gargantuan
18:21 Dutch sees a girl
31:39 Feat of Service
47:40 Last beer down


...and we're all out of bubblegum

If you don't have a time machine you'll have to wait for the next incoherent podcast to hear about our recent charity escapades.

Through the magic of the Internet however we can tell you a little bit about them ahead of time. 

Feat of Service collected over $4000 this weeken,d for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Quite  good for a first time event!   By way of comparison project Orange Crush Tends to draw in about 50% more.
In short: very well done gentlemen!

I'm very proud to know the details And the people who were so generous in helping Contribute to such a good cause. 

What you won't get to hear is The amount of work that went on in the background to organize this.  Getting the price support, The venue prepared, the donations, And staffing at an event At least as complex as most tournaments Is no small effort.  These gentlemen  do deserve a round of applause.

Having set the bar so wonderfully high I look forward to project Orange Crush and how well that is going to do this year.  I hope to see people donate as generously and participate as much in Foodmachine this year!

Please take a moment to go check out Feat of Service, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Just because this event is over doesn't mean the Wounded Warrior Project doesn't need your help.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Season 2 Episode 20: I dub thee the Patron Saint of Alcoholism

We are early at the Alamo today because we just finished the Huzzah Hobbies swap meet. It is a little odd seeing the sun out while Podcasting.
01:18 Cheers
02:55 Role Call
07:50 TOPIC... ummm... Cat herder! Topic us!
08:17 Mechanics in factions
17:00 Tourney report
32:30 Barrier to Entry
50:24 Skill levels
1:10:00 Close out


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