Monday, June 16, 2014

And they say community was cancelled ...

For the next week or so its probably going to be all World Cup and Warmachine.  This is of course funnier because at least one of us can only pick the losing bracket.

It's also the official start of summer. Herds of school buses are no longer making their way through our wonderful traffic.  This means more kids at your local gaming shop.  I'm lucky enough to know a couple of decent kids  ( ironically the voice to text refused to accept I said decent and kid in the same sentence) so handling the over eager little terrors is just slightly easier for me.  So I figured a couple of reminders on how to keep those precious snowflakes in line would be a useful thing.  This way wrangling the cantankerous neckbeards gets the lion's share of your RDA of petulance.

1) summer league and summer league 2: electric Boogaloo.

After a point we all get acclimated to spending 8 hours in a prison with someone droning at us while we wish we were elsewhere.  The opportunity to play a lot is quite seductive.   Cut the points per game in half for every game before 4:30 p.m.  In the second league play a completely different format.   

2) service guarantees citizenship.

It's inevitable that terrain gets worn.  You have a resource that responds to even a small amount of bribery.  If it works for white washing fences it can work to help the shop.
     Not that hard to prefab a few cheap buildings or walls.  They're always in demand and always seem short supply.  Insulation foam and hot wire cutters probably merit a permission slip but free kids working on time consuming maintenance is not to be ignored.
"It helps us keep tables free...." 

3. Runners

"Take a break. Head over to the Wawa and get me a.."
This is a full 15 minutes or more of respite.  Tips are of course simply good form.

4. Prep for the next event.

Kids are full of ideas :
How would you... 
Which would be awesome?
Which is more fair?

When they're participating the younger players get to demonstrate their enthusiasm and help build the community. The more established players get to mentor!
Win-win for community building.



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