Monday, June 9, 2014

...and we're all out of bubblegum

If you don't have a time machine you'll have to wait for the next incoherent podcast to hear about our recent charity escapades.

Through the magic of the Internet however we can tell you a little bit about them ahead of time. 

Feat of Service collected over $4000 this weeken,d for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Quite  good for a first time event!   By way of comparison project Orange Crush Tends to draw in about 50% more.
In short: very well done gentlemen!

I'm very proud to know the details And the people who were so generous in helping Contribute to such a good cause. 

What you won't get to hear is The amount of work that went on in the background to organize this.  Getting the price support, The venue prepared, the donations, And staffing at an event At least as complex as most tournaments Is no small effort.  These gentlemen  do deserve a round of applause.

Having set the bar so wonderfully high I look forward to project Orange Crush and how well that is going to do this year.  I hope to see people donate as generously and participate as much in Foodmachine this year!

Please take a moment to go check out Feat of Service, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Just because this event is over doesn't mean the Wounded Warrior Project doesn't need your help.



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