Thursday, June 19, 2014

Like a slap fight between crippled Titans

Tuesday's game night was an example of how Warmachine can be a game of extremes.

35 points is not huge. Its ideally quick and brutal - streamlined for mayhem. The Professor and a man rapidly earning a nickname burned through two 35 point games in the time it took for me to have one. 

Trollbloods vs Circle, despite circle movement tricks, is not necessarily a fast game. Tough and portable walls can make a mess of the best laid plans.  Combined with this they can have ridiculous armor and contributes to the perception of armor skew.  They sped through Kruger and Cromac.

I faced down pStryker with the Coven. As much as I try I'm not mastering the Coven. If it wasn't for my using the terrain to my advantage I would have lost on turn three.  My machine wraith had been neutered either by being thrown a juicy target or by keeping their targets out of reach.  Jack marshalled chargers are simply too tempting not to take - gun mages or no.    In all my opponent did a spectacular job compensating for an opponent he had never really faced and was very unfamiliar with.  When he gets a little more comfortable with that list I suspect he will be a holy terror with what is considered a mid grade Cygnar caster.

We also learned that the scenarios for this half of the summer event are fairly exciting.  Not precisely balanced but exciting nonetheless! 

A fairly standard Magehunter Strikeforce did its level best to remind father Lucant that the convergence is still on their hit list.  Apparently the angriest of elves had a hard time figuring out what to hit on the warjacks allowing the art deco to overcome their iPod design styles. 



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