Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Practice makes perfect - pt 2

There is comfort in familiarity.
The ability to anticipate and rely on consistent behavior.  It breeds complacency and creates inertia.

I'm going to beat up on a couple of factions over the course of however many of these I need to go on with.
This is part 2 of picking apart the current Cryx Meta.

A lot of our units don't get use and it seems to stem from what I considered two primary issues:
A lack of understanding and a lack of willingness to lose models. None of our units actually suck but many of them compete with each other for the same purpose.

For the longest time it has been all about a few select units. Certain very basic units became anomalous on the tournament scene because they were not as effective as one or two very specific units.  The argument being these were objectively superior due to their multi role application. 

I have a problem with this because the use of these particular units takes away one of our greatest strengths : mobility.  Our faction is on average 20% faster.  The forces that give us the most trouble are the ones that are the most mobile.  Even the ones that can constrain our mobility have trouble keeping up with us.

So where am I going with this? We hate theorymachine delving into statistics and turning into perfect world scenarios as we try to defend our arguments : The game itself is so rarely perfect.

New powers and abilities are in relation to what gets the most play.  Goreshade 3, and the skarlock commander were released in an attempt to shift the meta away from the bane intensive play we see at far too many tournaments. ( Full disclosure: I do indeed play a 24 bane pGoreshade list.)

When we look at our most unpleasant matchups we have them look at how things develop because of how we play. 



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