Monday, August 4, 2014

Season 2 Episode 27: I am Groot?

We all saw Guardians of the Galaxy and it reflects it. Our Patron Saint has gifted us and we have indulged. We sit in the Alamo drinking and trying to talk over the people waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy to start. Here is the result.

08:10 It is so crowded here today
08:40 Cheers
12:15 Lesser Warlocks and Lesser Warcasters
32:15 The old GW color Charland Granite recreated
33:40 Small based infantry
38:45 OMG! An Owen appears!
39:55 Nathan is furious! 60 second rant! and into GW Galaxy Puppies
45:25 Fixed sized infantry vrs variable sized infantry
55:35 Last beer down
56:13 ... I am still not sure I like Richmond
58:35 Close out and Dutch shows up



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