Thursday, August 28, 2014

Season 2 Episode 28: Dot Dot Dot I still don't think I like Richmond

Sorry for the delay... It was a rough couple of weeks there. During the weekend, James had to leave for a family emergency that continued right up to his wedding. Then the honeymoon. So... No editing until now!
Breweries we went to:
- Strangeways
- Hardywood Brewery
- Isley Brewing Company
- Ardent Craft Ales

04:00 Topic Boy gets bumped
04:55 Topic Boy gets back to it
07:00 Where are we and Those Freakin Weirdos
08:57 If Warmachine/Hordes had an animated movie, who would be the voices?
20:13 The serious topic: What is the best competitive point level?
37:53 Close out



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