Monday, October 27, 2014

Season 2 Episode 37: Actuarial Tables for the win!

Here we sit at the table in the Glass Half Full getting older by the second. I can feel the grey hairs growing. But, we have beer and Warmachine so it can't be that bad.

06:05 Cheers
06:25 Gator Tears plays Topic Boy for the evening
09:57 Beer meta shift and beer talk
18:20 Units and the spells that affect them
26:21 Models out of formation
36:50 When is Warmachine/Hordes going to "jump the shark"
44:00ish We babble but don't worry... we go back
55:25 OrangeCrush and FoodMachine
1:00:00 Close out.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Season 2 Episode 36: As the weather gets cold people come inside

Sorry for the late posting. Life has been a little hectic here. Better late than never. Its Octoberfest at the Alamo. We have some seriously great beers in front of us. Let us talk about Warmachine!
06:19 Beer Talk
08:19 Cheers
09:38 Gator Tears plays Topic Boy
11:44 Meta shift away from Infantrymachine
34:30 Solo armies
43ish - RULE: Incorporeal models can not be harmed by non-magical weapons even if the the card says they take 1 point of damage. So, the Sacral Vault will not damage an incorporeal model.
52:11 FINAL TOPIC FINAL TOPIC! 35 or 50 points as prep for tournament play
1:00:00 Let the babbling begin and Foodmachine
1:15:11 Closeout


Thursday, October 23, 2014

PP hates melee infantry

Over the course of the last six books (Wrath, Colossals, Vengeance, Domination, Gargantuans, and Exigence) PP has demonstrated a desire to move away from melee infantry.  Medium based multi-wound infantry is popular...but without this shift against small based models the preference still leans away from them.

The changes to anti-infantry start with the shift against infantry swarms by enhancing warbeasts and warjacks (warnouns). Infantry swarms are more cost efficient and deliver their force over a larger area than a warnoun.  Infantry does not depend on a caster's fury/focus. Infantry's special abilities are always available.

The first development to rein in the infantry swarm was in moving from MKI to MKII and the introduction of trample.  An excellent start and an awesome new manner to rein in infantry swarms.
This expanded into more guns and spells with AOE, Strafe, Combined Range Attack, and ROF of 2+.  Regrettably this also included an arms race of higher POW which began to spell the end.  We have to remember that POW12 , while weak against warnouns , threatens casters and is almost universally deadly to small based infantry.  The heaviest armored infantry can reach 20 ARM - approximately 41% likely to survive a POW 12 gun.  The scarcity of ARM 20 infantry is something well appreciated outside feat turns and stacked buffs.

In Wrath the Battle Engines were introduced.  The game demonstrated the reason Jacks were popular - Batle Engines were large, had their own tactical limitations, and tactically easier to adapt to.  Cygnar brought a good POW, Range (as they are wont to do), and a sound ROF that proved capable of removing 2d3+2 infantry (averaging 5) reliably.  Khador brought range, large AOE, and board control.  The Protectorate got range, their ever-present fire, and a push ability.  The Retribution has a good rate of fire and relative resistance to infantry. Cryx, the infantry heavy faction, got a model with good board control that proved counterbalanced by its size and the number of infantry on the field.  Warjacks brought Thresher, AOE, and Spray templates to bear while infantry introduced Assault and Acrobatic.  Domination brought more beasts with anti infantry abilities in sprays, Electro Leap, and anti-magic abilities...the Skorne got Skornergy (I prefer Skonenfreunde to describe the gameplay dissonance but it never stuck.)  More AOE, trample, Electro Leap, continuous Corrosion AOE, and the Animantrax...Apparently PP doesn't like Skorne.

Colossals and Gargantuans took a risk in the huge based models that would become centerpieces of armies...or could. That's more a rant for the hobby side.  Casters got further enhancements to their ability to get out of swarms of infantry with things like Warpath, Flashing Blade, and Carnage.  The Colossals/Gargantuans came into play - with a super-thresher of Sweep (Which the Kraken won with 4" reach), Covering Fire, AOE, Creeping Barrage, Rapid Fire, and more Sprays these titans presented a new and interesting turn against infantry.  More multi wound infantry came into play and caster feats got a new lease on life.  As the saying goes "Those that have, get."

Vengeance and Exigence...well, Damn.  The new Minion battle engines are designed to remove swathes of infantry.  The new casters all reinforce the weaknesses of small based infantry. PP did the one thing they promised - release more awesome models.

The issue at hand is this also obliviates the function of small based melee infantry.  I specify this because there are several strong small based ranged units with the ability to stay relevant.  Small based melee infantry like the Manhunter, Kyazy, Knights Exemplar or Errant, and Sam MacHorne's Devil Dogs are on the decline.

Where does this go from here? One faction lives and dies on its melee infantry while others are bolstered by it.  With the increase in anti-infantry there is less need to field infantry to counter infantry.  Infantry is harder on game balance, but what to do with the infantry-centric factions?
One postulation is that a complete rebalance is in order - modify stats slightly and start anew.  I don't like that position. I'd love to see things turned on their ear.  The infantry swarm armies get solos to bring new traits to units - UA to create immunity to certain effects at a premium.

Then again I would like to see less of the same Haley/Asphyxious/Severious/Butcher/Makeda/Vayl/Kruger hit the table.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Two for one pint

Ok, two years, and a one year anniversary :
Happy one year to Forge Brew Works!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Season 2 Episode 35: New books equal babbling

Hello one and all! Exigence is out and we have beer. Know what that means? Babbling!

05:24 Cheers!
05:47 Topics
06:42 Australia, what the hell?
07:37 New friendly local game store in Norfolk: Atlantis Games and Comics (
11:15 Barrel aging beer
20:13 Horrible transition to how you know what you like
25:30 Exigence
1:03:56 Minute Rant: James on the Minions Battle Engines
1:11:06 Exigence moves to anti-infantry
1:13:45 Close out


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Season 2 Episode 34: Battery powered Circle toys

The Wurm has a don't ask; don't tell policy.

We are at the Alamo drinking and going over stupid things as we wait for Exigence to come out.

06:35 Cheers!
07:00 Banished Topic Boy is banished. Long live Topic Boy
12:15 Statistically Unlucky - Tournament Report
21:00 Scooping for your friends?
42:35 Oktoberfest!!!
1:02:30 Closeout


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Season 2 Episode 33: Our beer costs are the GDP of some 3rd world nations

Here we sit in James' house drinking some awesome craft beer. Only 10 more(ish) episodes left this season...

02:15 30MM talk
04:04 Silent Partner likes a beer!!!!
04:42 BeerThralls Beer and introductions
17:48 Topics
19:00 Business cards and T-Shirts
23:30 Posting the podcast on YouTube
26:50 Tournament table etiquette
50:05 Breathilizer fun
56:00 Clap if you lovvvvvvvve DYNAMO!
1:07:15 Close out


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