Saturday, October 25, 2014

Season 2 Episode 36: As the weather gets cold people come inside

Sorry for the late posting. Life has been a little hectic here. Better late than never. Its Octoberfest at the Alamo. We have some seriously great beers in front of us. Let us talk about Warmachine!
06:19 Beer Talk
08:19 Cheers
09:38 Gator Tears plays Topic Boy
11:44 Meta shift away from Infantrymachine
34:30 Solo armies
43ish - RULE: Incorporeal models can not be harmed by non-magical weapons even if the the card says they take 1 point of damage. So, the Sacral Vault will not damage an incorporeal model.
52:11 FINAL TOPIC FINAL TOPIC! 35 or 50 points as prep for tournament play
1:00:00 Let the babbling begin and Foodmachine
1:15:11 Closeout



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