Monday, November 24, 2014

Season 2 Episode 40: Gingerbread stout makes Beerthralls happy

Heaven. That is what we are calling the Alamo now. They have Hardywood's Gingerbread stout available. We couldn't resist.

03:42 Cheers!
05:00 Beer talk
06:12 and now we babble for an hour... suffer!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Season 2 Episode 39: The Tourney Report

We just finished the Huzzah Hobbies 35 Point tournament run by James (Aka Gator Tears). We recap the fun that was had.

05:00 Cheers
06:00 The Basics of the tourney
08:32 Vic's report
42:15 The Foodmachine super happy friendly awesome bestest best person to play against
44:10 Scott's report
1:03:00 James' report
1:08:30 Stuff coming out because... blabbling. and closeout.

Oh! The mini Destroyer WILL be a separate piece. Bit order away.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Season 2 Episode 38: We have a hat and pieces of paper

At the Alamo, James isn't there so... forgive us =)

We are trying something now; Topic Card Roulette! We chose a card and start speaking on the topic. This is Nathan's idea. Blame him if it fails.

04:41 The "Perfect Pint"

10:58 Lucky Streaks
15:03 We drift into gimmick lists
22:37 Drift into Assassination Runs
25:28 Guess the beer!
30:06 Godzilla rampaged through my sock drawer
42:30 Beer and Back Again
54:56 Readers Choice: Help! I'm trapped in a medium based solo fortune cookie factory!
1:08:48 Challenges
1:13:00 Closeout


Saturday, November 1, 2014

A fancy local, or just a Denizen?

We had the opportunity to take a quick break and try Denizens Brewing Company. 

A funky little place nestled in a corner of Silver Spring MD that is more than a little challenging to get to. That said they incorporated their own little BBQ truck business that has a nice spark.

One of the more interesting things about denizens was that the beer choices were very much on the pale side of brews.  For being November 1st we would have expected to see more browns reds and porters.  There were exactly 2.     An interesting strategic decision that works well with their particular groove.

As much as this is a tiny getaway and not quite the easiest to get to or to park at we are always advocates of a clever brewer.  If you have the chance and especially if you don't like dark beers stop by for a pint of the "fear of the dark" beer.  The only part you will regret is that you can't take all of the beer home.


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