Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Season 2 Episode 38: We have a hat and pieces of paper

At the Alamo, James isn't there so... forgive us =)

We are trying something now; Topic Card Roulette! We chose a card and start speaking on the topic. This is Nathan's idea. Blame him if it fails.

04:41 The "Perfect Pint"

10:58 Lucky Streaks
15:03 We drift into gimmick lists
22:37 Drift into Assassination Runs
25:28 Guess the beer!
30:06 Godzilla rampaged through my sock drawer
42:30 Beer and Back Again
54:56 Readers Choice: Help! I'm trapped in a medium based solo fortune cookie factory!
1:08:48 Challenges
1:13:00 Closeout



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