Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Season 2 Episode 42: It was a beautiful Khadorian summer

The guys at 30mm Podcast came down from Jersey for FoodMachine and stuck around to podcast with us on Sunday. After a long weekend of charity, drinking, Warmachine, and board games, we stumbled into the Alamo to bring to you, our faithful listeners, the end of the weekend report.

Oh... happy birthday Josh and Rebecca!

12:25 Cheers!
14:19 James checks his wallet and it turns into a coin check
16:55 Topic Boy tries...
17:18 Foodmachine close out
- Talked about Rock/Paper/Scissors warmachine
- Nathan becomes someone's arms
- Other games
- Chicken Vienna sausage cause fear checks
- Cans of beans are pillars
- A shredder almost kills a shredder
- 5 cans turns Topic Boy into Cat Herder
38:30 Nathan meets his match. George is the new Enabler
40:45 Back to Foodmachine
50:12 Topic 2: Khadorian summer festival
59:00 Close out
1:01:00 Praise the Cheez-It



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