Saturday, January 31, 2015

Season 3 Episode 2: Your silence is compliance

Welcome back to another amazing episode of the best podcast ever! Ok... maybe not. But we are entertaining. We are at Convy's house again because Sportsball is loud.

 04:57 Cheers!
05:19 News
06:48 Topics
07:45 Tournament recap
14:47 Victor tries to segue but it is knocked down!
We drift, like everyone, into Bradigus talk
21:49 2015 Objectives
50:35 Journeyman week 3
1:02:22 Closeout


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Season 3 Episode 1: Whose a good chocolatey pumpkin?

Happy new year! Now on YouTube! We are at James' house podcasting because the Alamo was loud this weekend with the sportsball.

We start off with the rules and who we are, but you know that. Then onto topics!

07:43 Cheers!
09:10 Goals for 2015
19:37 Upcoming cons for us
21:58 Journeyman and Bruce League
22:36 60 Second Rant: Nathan on the Cryx battlebox in Journeyman
34:24 The 4 Game system for teaching new players
39:25 Back to the leagues
46:21 Active Duty rosters. Why?
1:16:21 Close out


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gone but not forgotten

Week two in a new year and we are just a few steps behind on our podcast.

If you haven't read the Facebook page we threw out the last one is being completely rubbish. Now go over the two years we've been in this and see what we consider completely rubbish. Ow.

Never fear. Like The fermentation tank: sitting in the dark is good for us.  Next episode should be on YouTube!  There is what feels like a month of stuff building up for us to talk about! 


Sunday, January 11, 2015

No need to be so sad...glum...


So, not only does the retribution get its first black color scheme,
but he's got a hell of a stat line for a six point light.
If the Retribution could mass produce this Hordes players might as well rage quit.
That's a good DEF for a jack if pretty straightforward for Retribution.  Apparition sets a good scene for an assassination run.

Instead of bragging about new toys I'd rather discuss what this means for the play testing and development team.  Recognizing a glaring weakness in the Retribution the Moros will fill in a small hole the retribution has fighting war beasts and units with tough.

With Moros we know that stylistically relevant releases are being planned ostensibly for each faction.
What everyone is getting against the Bradigus t4 list I'm not sure...but its going to be interesting.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Season 2 Episode 44: Last one for Season 2

It feels like Christmas at Gator Tears' house. All gathered around the table. Food being passed about. Needing excessive amounts of alcohol to get through the day.
We hope you enjoyed our second year doing BeerThralls. We are having a blast doing it. See you at Adepticon!

09:40 Cheers
09:55 Topic Boy!
11:27 Scott exploded all over the bar
19:10 Xerxis is hot and the challenge
25:25 Hobbying
43:55 Squeeee! Lost Rhino is bringing back 2200 lbs. of sin and Adepticon
49:20 Video Games and Warmachine: Tactics
We fall to babbling again


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