Sunday, January 11, 2015

No need to be so sad...glum...


So, not only does the retribution get its first black color scheme,
but he's got a hell of a stat line for a six point light.
If the Retribution could mass produce this Hordes players might as well rage quit.
That's a good DEF for a jack if pretty straightforward for Retribution.  Apparition sets a good scene for an assassination run.

Instead of bragging about new toys I'd rather discuss what this means for the play testing and development team.  Recognizing a glaring weakness in the Retribution the Moros will fill in a small hole the retribution has fighting war beasts and units with tough.

With Moros we know that stylistically relevant releases are being planned ostensibly for each faction.
What everyone is getting against the Bradigus t4 list I'm not sure...but its going to be interesting.



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