Friday, February 27, 2015

A few thoughts on list chicken:

43 people accidentally stumbled upon our site.  Of those exactly one is really interested about list chicken! For the rest of you : go back to Google. 

In Steamroller 2015 one of the play options is called divide and conquer. Players Craft 2 or more army list for use throughout the tournament.  Typically each list must be played at least once and no character models may be used in both lists. This takes away the need to build and effective all comers list largely eliminating the homogeneity of any faction. This leads to the natural specialization of list to capitalize on 1 range of strength and threats.

What does this have to do with playing chicken you ask? Game theory.  Yup. Somehow we got a little education in with our warmachine.  The process is called the Prisoner's Dilemma: Two participants Have the opportunity to win a prize. They have two options: play to their own benefit or to mutual benefit. Should one play to their own benefit and the other to mutual benefit playing to their own benefit wins. Should both play to mutual benefit The prize is split between them.
Pretty basic stuff, Right?

Now we have two iterations of this comparison in how to play to one's own advantage.  That's a lot of decision making to cram into 2 minutes.

It doesn't really have to be.  We could give you some advice your best and worst choices but you've already looked into what each of your list is going to be best at doing.  I want this to be advice in a real world situation:

You are going to fail at list chicken. That is just the way its going to be.  There will always be a hard counter to what you are trying to do and at some point you are going to accidentally stumble into it. The question is what to do to recover from a mistake.

Whine, cry, and rage quit. 

Seriously. The correct answer is of course to keep calm and carry on.  This is your chance to play with wild abandon!  Games where the conclusion is already written provide a certain freedom to experiment.

This doesn't make the sort of game an everyday occurrence. Losing every game sucks even when you are learning. If you're practicing for a pernament these are the sort of matches you want to seek out.  Victory only teaches you to repeat Behavior.  Loss teaches you to experiment. To adapt.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Season 3 Episode 5: Its a Circle Nerf

Snow can not stop us from podcasting! We are at the Alamo with a mic and beer. Here is what we did.

01:29 Year in Review
09:45 Cheers!
10:00 Not-Topic Boy tries to topic
11:32 New Gargantuans
16:00 The tries to have a 1 Minute rant: James
18:27 Gargantuans the Second Coming
30:20 Other things from the Smogcon Video
37:50 Circle Nerfing
56:33 Beermachine.... Alien Tampon
57:40 When to pop Axis' feat
1:03:30 Snow and random babble and finally closeout


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Season 3 Episode 4: Templecon Part 3

Last one. We finish up with Vic, Josh, and Beermachine as the last beer is finished.

00:00 Objectives
01:50 What is the weirdest thing you have seen at a convention?
13:00 Why go to a con?
24:00 Close out


Season 3 Episode 4: Templecon Part 2

More talk with the Beermachine guys now joined by Advanced Maneuvers!

00:00 Lesser warbeasts
06:30 More game talk and sportsmanship
17:00 Giving Canadians shitty American beer
19:40 Giving Canadians good American beer
20:00 New colossals
49:00 Onto a new beer
52:00 Vendors at Templecon


Season 3 Episode 4: The Templecon episode Part 1

Vic and Josh, who placed 3rd in Iron Gauntlet, went up to Templecon. We allowed them to take our beer and podcasting equipment to the frozen north to trade with the natives and record their strange and interesting customs. The Beermachine guys join us and... well... lets just say the beer must flow.

04:00 Josh talks about his experience in the Iron Gauntlet.
16:15 Sleep is for the weak. Other games
27:54 Beer Review
34:30 Back to game
41:10 Templecon: Experiences

To be continued in part 2!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In defense of NEW colossals:

So at least one of us is all doom and gloom about the new colossals.

On the other hand:

The hobbyist in me is completely tickled that I have new and interesting things to do Large-scale paint jobs on.  Looks more and more like that airbrush became a very good investment!

On top of that probably means I'm going to get to see new gargantuan. Taking the Archangel and Mountain King into account These models are going to be amazing.  I'm really hoping for the models to be more poseable this time around!

One of the neatest things about new rules is how they will interact and scale down to other units.

Will house Shyeel get something more to complement these new upcoming shenanigans? 

The body cannon on the Victor look like they could do some serious harm - Maybe like the field gun crew... Or better yet armor piercing.

The Revelator looks like someone took a page from the Behemoth and guest starred on Oprah: You get fire. You get fire. EVERYBODY GETS FIRE! AH HA HA HAA!

Is it just me or did Cygnar  make the Thunderhead the black lion?  Four fireflies play human pyramid and "I'LL FORM THE HEAD!"

Much as Cryx is all doom and gloom they never mentioned three guns.  You wanted to know why Cryx don't get guns? Look at the guns they put on the field!! AOE 3 ghost shot pow 13 or so, pow 13 burst fire...and the Kraken...
Three guns. Deneghra...guns. Well, we can't spell Cryx without cry.

Its certainly not all doom and gloom for fans of steam driven engines of destruction!!


Friday, February 6, 2015

Keynote at Templecon

Remember that part of anger and alcohol?
I'm just running on anger so this may not be up to snuff.

I want to be positive about The opportunities for new colossals for every faction. Each of the colossals added to their faction in some way.  The colossals were not all equal : some being significantly superior and synergistic with their faction rather than simply additive.  This is not necessarily a bad thing since some factions really could have used help from their colossal. Apparently Cygnar was having a really hard time.

Battle engines have their place as well - Apparently their place in Hordes is rendering small based non reach models obsolete.  It's too bad really as some battle engines were exceptionally well thought out. Skorne and Cryx got the gift of sequels to the Highlander movie : a What? Precisely.

And being positive I want to mention that modified Colossal make a lot of sense.  Changing weapon loadout and Battlefield function Is something we do with modern battle tanks.

I want to start by mentioning that these are completely new kits. These aren't upgrade packages. Body ,legs, torso : All identical. In a money grab that would make Games Workshop beam like a proud father at Little League these colossal will be released as stand-alone kits.  Now remember this is the same company that repackaged the heavy warjacks so they wouldn't all be in separate kits.

In the spirit of being positive I also want to call attention to the fact that none of the warjacks in the last book have been seen.  Characters from the next book and colossal, as well as products from the most recent book have been seen.  Nothing to see here. move along.

Good as new colossals be any more directly slanted against one faction? Worse today not play into an already failing technique?

The Khador Victor - Already competing for a very narrow field got the ability to lay out terrain, fire and replace an also-ran ability on the conquest.  Also apparently Khaor can't do math anymore : its big gun is inaccurate.  Why replicate the technological superiority ofthe Behemoth? 

Cygnar apparently needed yet another hug. More lightning and more accuracy in case Dynamo, the Centurion,  two junior warcasters, the Squire, and Storm Everything were somehow not enough.  The hurricane now it does everything you wanted out of A storm Strider and stormwall.

The retribution get an anime canon of course. But this one needs to push things around. 

Mercenaries already own two colossal. They can cope.

The Protectorate gets to bring the Revelator. While it sounds like the cousin of a Spawn villain it does exactly what it says on the box: negate stealth and bring fire.  Expect more persistent AOE.

Cryx. You poor bastards.  Your already pillow fisted colossal got its guns taken away for the most generous gift of spawning more small base infantry.  Yes indeed you now can have difficulties cracking medium base Multi wound infantry with a colossal exchanging each kill with a mechanithrall.    The new colossal and battle engines negate:
Your press of numbers.
Your primary defensive mechanic - but don't feel bad because stealth and incorporeal  have been overcome by every faction at this point.
Using magic to reduce your opponents ' abilities.
Speed - your units now come in two radically different speeds.
Damage output...which is dependent on magic.

There is now no section that does not have a superior option to counter each of your tools.

To quote Mr Wonka:
You lose. You get nothing. Good day sir.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Season 3 Episode 3: SPORTSBALL!

The Super Sportsball Show is on! Its time to mute the TV and drink beer until the commercials come on.

We talk about the best quarterback in the Iron Kingdoms, the Peep Store, Tournament talk, Templecon!, compare and contrast of how Privateer Press makes list and how we really make lists,
and death by snow.


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