Friday, February 27, 2015

A few thoughts on list chicken:

43 people accidentally stumbled upon our site.  Of those exactly one is really interested about list chicken! For the rest of you : go back to Google. 

In Steamroller 2015 one of the play options is called divide and conquer. Players Craft 2 or more army list for use throughout the tournament.  Typically each list must be played at least once and no character models may be used in both lists. This takes away the need to build and effective all comers list largely eliminating the homogeneity of any faction. This leads to the natural specialization of list to capitalize on 1 range of strength and threats.

What does this have to do with playing chicken you ask? Game theory.  Yup. Somehow we got a little education in with our warmachine.  The process is called the Prisoner's Dilemma: Two participants Have the opportunity to win a prize. They have two options: play to their own benefit or to mutual benefit. Should one play to their own benefit and the other to mutual benefit playing to their own benefit wins. Should both play to mutual benefit The prize is split between them.
Pretty basic stuff, Right?

Now we have two iterations of this comparison in how to play to one's own advantage.  That's a lot of decision making to cram into 2 minutes.

It doesn't really have to be.  We could give you some advice your best and worst choices but you've already looked into what each of your list is going to be best at doing.  I want this to be advice in a real world situation:

You are going to fail at list chicken. That is just the way its going to be.  There will always be a hard counter to what you are trying to do and at some point you are going to accidentally stumble into it. The question is what to do to recover from a mistake.

Whine, cry, and rage quit. 

Seriously. The correct answer is of course to keep calm and carry on.  This is your chance to play with wild abandon!  Games where the conclusion is already written provide a certain freedom to experiment.

This doesn't make the sort of game an everyday occurrence. Losing every game sucks even when you are learning. If you're practicing for a pernament these are the sort of matches you want to seek out.  Victory only teaches you to repeat Behavior.  Loss teaches you to experiment. To adapt.



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