Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In defense of NEW colossals:

So at least one of us is all doom and gloom about the new colossals.

On the other hand:

The hobbyist in me is completely tickled that I have new and interesting things to do Large-scale paint jobs on.  Looks more and more like that airbrush became a very good investment!

On top of that probably means I'm going to get to see new gargantuan. Taking the Archangel and Mountain King into account These models are going to be amazing.  I'm really hoping for the models to be more poseable this time around!

One of the neatest things about new rules is how they will interact and scale down to other units.

Will house Shyeel get something more to complement these new upcoming shenanigans? 

The body cannon on the Victor look like they could do some serious harm - Maybe like the field gun crew... Or better yet armor piercing.

The Revelator looks like someone took a page from the Behemoth and guest starred on Oprah: You get fire. You get fire. EVERYBODY GETS FIRE! AH HA HA HAA!

Is it just me or did Cygnar  make the Thunderhead the black lion?  Four fireflies play human pyramid and "I'LL FORM THE HEAD!"

Much as Cryx is all doom and gloom they never mentioned three guns.  You wanted to know why Cryx don't get guns? Look at the guns they put on the field!! AOE 3 ghost shot pow 13 or so, pow 13 burst fire...and the Kraken...
Three guns. Deneghra...guns. Well, we can't spell Cryx without cry.

Its certainly not all doom and gloom for fans of steam driven engines of destruction!!



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