Monday, March 30, 2015

Season 3 Episode 8: He set us up the bomb!

Sleepy Titan got us some amazing beer at Old Ox Brewery. Since we can't bring alcohol to our favorite bar, we gathered at Gator Tears house to enjoy.

01:25 Quickly on James' first brew being popped open
03:17 What brews we have and lazy susan
05:50 Cheers
06:02 Gator Tears' Zero Wing brew
12:40 Topics, list of thanks for Adepticon people, and beer
20:26 Adepticon after talk
1:15:35 Close out


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Season 3 Episode 7: Adepticon part 2

We start off with Vic pouring a Lost Hog beer. Go watch it on our youtube channel. We gush over this AMAZING beer

We start talking about the drinking horns again

08:43 Broken Egg Games' Adam shows up

18:50 Matt Dipietro, Privateer Press' studio painter, and Anthony Wang, another painter out of California, shows up
23:54 Derrick from Milwaukee, a 40K player, arrives and we convince him to play Warmachine

We had a break in service because SO MANY PEOPLE! Man, we had a ton of fun.


Season 3 Episode 7: Adepticon Part 1

We are podcasting from Adepticon with 30mm! We have 7 different beers and have lots of people showing up!

04:50 Feetzaal Horns shows up

The sound you hear is that we set up right next to the swap meet... yeah. We dumb.

32:35 We break out the Lost Rhino Milk Stout... le sigh.
35:15 Gluten free beers and other drinks
40:00 Dread Pirate game and Absinthe
48:50 Madrak (Adrak?) shows up
52:32 A new challenger appears! Dan from Teutonic Craft Studios

More on Part 2


Monday, March 9, 2015

Season 3 Episode 6: A dog pile of slapping Victors

The original episode 6 turned sour. All hail the new episode 6!
We are in the Alamo, drinking beers, and saying hello to the brewers of Lost Rhino and Ox Brewery as they come in.As always, we are having a great time with some great beer.

We have a babble in the beginning
07:19 Cheers!
08:18 Topic Boy! Topic us!
09:54 Baby's First Brew
18:48 Victor is a god to Beermachine
23:43 Ramble about Iron Kingdom and Unleashed
33:00 We Mall Cop into the new league
44:13 Next painting challenge


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