Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Season 3 Episode 13: Massively delayed 13

Alamo. BeerThralls. Beer.... LIVE, COMPUTER! LIVE!

Its also bizzaro day. James got a IPA and everyone else got porters...

07:33 Cheers!
07:45 Topics!
10:08 Caboose brewery review
18:00 What can your local game store do better?
37:30 Feat of Service
There is some Mad Max talk in there
53:59 last beer down and close out


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We really do more than just the podcast...

May is going to be a busy month. 
Not only are there several (weekly. Menoth's gaze is truly upon us!) steamroller, but there's a charity event, Memorial Day, and the madness of daily life!

Yesterday's game night saw two of us play for the first time in months, and another two play their new armies for the season.  

A local museum has a "Science of Beer" exhibit. There have already been two craft beer festival and two more later this month.   The number of tap takeover is staggering. 

Thankfully PP's release schedule is holding off this month...


Season 3 Episode 12: Ultron dies at the end

Psst... Ultron dies at the end.

Cat Herder and Topic Boy are gone so know what that means...


Well kinda. And happy anniversary Alamo.

03:50 What are we drinking
07:50 Cheers!
09:04 Topics by Gator Tears
09:46 Beers and the tap takeover
16:23 Nathan loses a tournament
34:04 Huzzah Hobbies swap meet
37:00 Ultron dies at the end
40:47 What is your favorite thing to paint and what is least favorite
54:16 Close out last beer down


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