Thursday, June 18, 2015

Season 3 Episode 16: Once you go Tharn...

We have some special guests today. The guys from Advanced Maneuvers popped by to share in the glorious VA weather.

04:37 Cheers
08:36 Nathan loves Haley3
12:27 New players and Reckoning
29:30 A deal is made
33:00 Back to topic
35:15 A dragonfly has joined the podcast
35:52 Deathclock: Infantry heavy or jack heavy
43:38 Aside: 40K players coming into Warmachine
46:32 Minute Rant: Sheridan from Advance Maneuvers
52:24 Back to deathclock
55:23 Interview questions
1:02:05 Our Foodmachine army
1:06:03 Closing



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