Monday, August 31, 2015

Season 3 Episode 26: The No Energy Edition

We are at the Alamo with zero energy. Some of us worked all weekend. Some of us were out late at a party. Some of us were up early hopping around Northern VA. It left us all drained.

04:46 Cheers
04:58 New brew trial and exploring breweries
15:15 NOVA Open and other cons
32:20 Josh's matchups
38:50 Post Errata fallout
47:25 the new league system
52:26 Close out


Monday, August 24, 2015

Season 3 Episode 25: The anger is back!

Oh we have had a lot of alcohol but we have been lacking in anger. We make up for that this week.

04:51 Cheers

We have only one topic: The errata. Not what you think.

32:28 Nathan's One Minute Rant
43:40 James' One Minute Rant
50:15 BeerMachine's FoodMachine
51:45 Vic tries to close out


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Season 3 Episode 24: THRALL HARDER!

We don't know either... Somehow we got teleported back to the 80s.

At the Alamo drinking amazing drinks and Owen is back!!

08:27 Cheers and a little talk about the Glacier King
13:00 Foodmachine army ideas
20:06 Where is the Eternal Guest been? and the reveal of the FoodMachine army
25:34 What are we going to do for the rest of the year
49:35 Undercity
1:05:00 We are podcasted out....


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Season 3 Episode 23: Drunk and Disorderly: GENCON

It is nice out and we have beer and burgers. Cookout time! We are at Gator Tears house and recording outside.


08:42 Clink!
09:06 Black List Burlesque is doing Game of Thrones!
10:33 Topics
11:06 Josh at GenCon
26:52 FoodMachine
30:37 How did our list from last week work?
33:20 We really get the list results =)
47:26 Building a Hordes list
01:20:00 we fade into randomness
01:30:00 Close out


Monday, August 3, 2015

Season 3 Episode 22: It is an aztec drug

On Aug 8th, at Huzzah Hobbies there is a 50 point tournament.

At the Alamo with a small crew...

04:14 Stuff coming out of GenCon
24:44 We make a list because James has a problem
1:01:00 Sign off


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