Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Season 3 Episode 29: A new brewery

You know what is awesome? A new brewery. Aslin Beer Company ( opened up just around the corner and, well, we decided it had to be tried. Plus, they had BBQ and red velvet cheesecake in jars. Tell them you heard about them from us =)

By all that is holy and good, we are a rambling bunch.

08:00 Convergence is OP!
08:46 We talk to the actual brewer who comes out because he saw a mic. Yeah... they had the hops they used on the tables. Very cool.
17:13 James' brew
19:46 Back to Convergence
37:00 Farewell to Dutch
38:48 Building an ET list
1:09:45 End this madness!



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