Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Season 3 Episode 36: Now with more BeerMachine

We are not at the Alamo! We are at Adam's house with the BeerMachine crew (minus JP) with delicious beer brought up from VA. We discuss the foomachine and ramble like crazy. Enjoy!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Season 3 Episode 35: Its a good beer night

We have an interesting show today. We discuss some FoodMachine as some of us will be going up to Buffalo, NY (AKA: Real life Fallout 4) for theirs. We also enjoy a good Strongbow round 2 while discussing a tournament Josh went to. Enjoy!

04:00 Topic mannnnnnnn!
05:05 Moment of silence for France
06:50 Privateer Press streaming
17:10 Warmachine Weekend
29:35 FoodMachine
36:55 Best cheating flight units for Aurora (FoodMachine Cheat)
46:45 Josh 1.0 goes to a tournament


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Season 3 Episode 34: Marketing! Come on!

Sorry for the poor editing. I am sick and trying to get this out to you all before I pass out from NyQuil.

Here we are at the Alamo once again. Love this place. Fries and beers all around!

We talk about:

New models, Khador forums part 2, Nathan's one minute rant followed by James telling him he is wrong, and James gets a new army not by choice.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Season 3 Episode 33: End of the world and we know it

Here we sit at the Alamo after a great Halloween weekend. Being that the Oxercisit II from Ox Brewing was on tap, we all went for it.

We talk about ADR, new Championship format, FoodMachine, and Khador butt hurt.


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