Monday, January 18, 2016

Season 4 Episode 2: Positive scary clowns

Oh the glories of homebrewed beer. Its another wonderful Sunday and we are coming off the high of the first week of a Journeyman.

02:09 Professor Elemental's email
10:10 Other news
12:37 Cheers
12:51 Topic Boy!
13:18 Model Re-sculpts and what should next
21:40 Nathan tries to be positive but turns on threatening Vic with clowns
23:31 Second rounds
25:11 The new Cryx solo
35:23 Journeyman
1:06:40 Scale75 paints
1:12:35 Beer reviews
1:24:05 Closeout


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Interviews: Press Ganger vrs Pundit

This is the first in our series of interviews. In this episode we talk to Bill from the Gamers Lounge and Guild Ball Tonight podcast. The discussion starts off with Guild Ball talk in answer to our last episode then drifts off into Kingdom of Death: Monster and Kickstarter.

Hope you enjoy.

We also want to thank Professor Elemental for allowing us to use the new intro music. Check him out at


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Season 4 Episode 1: Bloody 'ell. Is that the BeerThralls?

Welcome back, faithful listeners! It is us, those jolly rambunctious scalawags, back from the horrors of the dark holidays to tickle your ears with musings and jests.

05:55 Cheers!
06:45 James eats fries weird
07:22 Season 4 announcements
14:10 Journeyman at Huzzah Hobbies
40:55 Painting models that we have
42:30 What we are going to do after Journeyman
45:50 Guild Ball? and other games
50:30 James' Minute Rant
1:02:35 Perfectionist dilemma
1:06:45 Closeout


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