Monday, August 8, 2016

Season 4 Episode 13: All grown up

We have new warcasters and we are going to talk about them all! With beer....

This comes in two parts because of the length.
Part 1
03:16 Cheers
05:42 Team Huzzah Hobbies places 2nd in Store Wars
19:45 Journeyman grow up
24:28 Cygnar
42:58 Menoth

Part 2
00:00 Khador
22:10 Cryx
36:27 Retribution
49:00 Overview and a little fluff
1:07:45 Closeout


1 comment:

  1. Page 31 paragraph four:

    "A charging model that is engaging its charge target at the end of its charge movement has made a successful charge".

    So charge -> pull -> attack would not work.


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