Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Adepticon 2018 Has Come and Gone

Between a 17 hour car drive from Northern VA in the snow and a 14 hour car drive back with a sick wife in the car there was an Adepticon! It was an interesting year and some things were better and some things were worse. All in all, this is the good, bad, and ugly of Adepticon 2018.

The Good:
Oh man... there was some amazing things at this year's Adepticon. Star Wars Legion was released and the events were amazing. The staff really pulled together to run events with people opening and playing the first time ever. X-Wing and Destiny had some huge turnouts. Anvil Eight, once again, stepped up and ran some great events and demos. The booth looked great and they were passing out free models to everyone who came by. Even the 40K and AoS guys were bringing it with some amazing tables.

So many smaller and Kickstarter companies were there pitching some original and interesting games (looking at you Giga-Robo and Breachstorm). Even though I didn't attend, we have had reports that the classes this year were better than last year. Even the vendor hall was packed with the regulars and was amazing.

Oh, and of course, our fans being awesome and joining us around the convention and heading off to dinner.

The Bad:
Son-of-a... Seriously Privateer Press. Seriously. Your booth with the size of a postage stamp. There was no demos and even the events were poorly attended this year. I will rip you apart on the swag bags later but, seriously, the biggest Adepticon to date and you didn't bring it. You didn't bring it so hard that the Wyrd Miniatures guys had a bigger room and more excitement at their booth. Wyrd! Why are you making me praise Wyrd?!

We get it, hotel. You don't like people sleeping on the couches and chairs in the hallways but did you have to take every chair and couch out of the area? People carrying a ton of crap around with them would like to sit and rest their backs. While we are at it: $10 for a Guinness?! The hell are you thinking? I could have gotten a 4 pack for $10! It was only $14 to buy a huge loaded up burger from the bar. Oh... and could you get more parking. All lots were filled by 8am.

Ah Crystal Brush... you never fail to disappoint me. Entries were at an all time low. Voting opened late again. Surprise, surprise... the popularity contest went to those people with the biggest following on CMON's site. The "top" prize winners shouldn't have been. Maybe its time you reevaluated what you are trying to do.

The Ugly:
Some you nasty people need to clean yourselves. Dear God.... I walked past one person and it smelled like they shat themselves. I mean, I get it... ha ha stinky gamers but there is a HUGE difference between "Oh man this guy has swamp ass" or "They didn't shower today..." and "HOLY GOD! Did you just give up and shit your pants so you can play more?!"

CMON... I hate praising you also... but two thumbs up. Every bag got a two player starter box for Dark Age. Very nice. VIG bags also got two faction books for Dark Age. I was giddy because I love Dark Age and maybe I can get my locals to play.

There was also your smattering of models and bases. Couple of coupons and "buy X get X free!" deals. Wyrd threw in a mini and a storyline for their RPG. There was a Black Library calendar and a hard cover book for 40K. GO STEAMFORGED! A Godtear model AND Kick Off! in every bag! A card box and some pluck foam. Scale 75 threw in a model for their game.. which is fleeing my memory on the name... VIGs got the new Star Trek mini game and a few other small items. Not really impressed with the difference between the VIG and normal bag this year.

And then there is Privateer Press.... They threw in a hard cover book for a faction!... oh wait... those are useless now and there is what... three faction books since you stopped making them. Almost everyone I knew got Trollbloods. But wait! They threw in a starting box for a faction!!! no..no.. my mistake... it was a coupon for buy one get one free at the shop... and when I walked by there wasn't any on display... When we talked to the guy manning the booth he was completely clueless about everything going on...

Wrap Up:
I am not sure that the VIG bag was worth it this year. The whole con felt like there was more but less also. It was weird. It was packed and I am thinking that Adepticon has outgrown this hotel. Maybe it is time to look for a larger, more accommodating, location.

See you next year!


  1. I was completely letdown by Privateer Press this year. No Iron Arena after 7pm was the death-stroke in my book. Without demos, the room wasn't very inviting for new players either. If you didn't come there to specifically play Warmachine, I'm pretty sure you didn't walk away with an interest in getting into it. I don't know if their events coordinator didn't get the memo that this is the largest table top wargaming event in the US, or they've really just thrown in the towel.

    1. Oh I didn't know they closed Iron Arena at 7pm... that just adds to the misery.


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