Monday, March 5, 2018

Why do I feel let down, Privateer Press?

Another week has gone by and here I sit going over all the things to look forward to:

- Godtear Alpha/Beta/Early Release
- Star Wars Legion is coming up
- Gloomhaven is going strong
- A Harry Potter miniature game kickstarting soon
- Aetherium is releasing a new faction
- Adepticon is coming up!

and then I look to Privateer Press...

Oh, Privateer Press... Another minicrate model that looks amazing. A new CID. What I am missing is the passion...

We use to have passion for the game. We would wait for new minis and when they came in we would go over their benefits and disadvantages. We would see hype on every small thing that came out. A new PIN!!! Why do I need a Shredder plushy? I don't know but BUY TWO!

Now, I can't bring myself to even paint the minis. I feel like the game is in perpetual Beta. New miniatures for gators that once would make me all excited I just shrug at. Is it me? Is it just I have fallen out of love with the game?

I look at our local meta and see 40K growing, Guildball staying the same, and Aetherium growing. I see people talking up their games of Destiny and Magic. But when it comes to Warmachine I just see defeated players. I hear "What changed this week?"

But they released Theme Lists! New Ones! but even that is just eh... what does it do? Oh... get more models... awesome...

It just seems like Warmachine and Hordes has lost that leather-jacket, motorcycle riding, bad boy image and is now dad in the minivan just trying to get the kids in the car.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Maybe the entire game needs a break. Just close the doors for a few months and let everyone get some rest and relaxation. Time to really step back, take it all in, and see what really needs to change. I don't know what to change, if I did, if be a game designer, but something does.

  2. A better question might be why did you used to love the game. A lot of people are on a quest for the new and interesting, and when they get comfortable with a game system a lot of that spark leaves.

    As for the perpetual beta thing. Go ask a ret player, they will tell you the rules haven't changed.

  3. I actually am taking a break from Warmachine cause I think the game isn't where it needs to be. Basically, themes make playstyles in a faction prohibitively restricted and skewed in MOST cases (i.e. All jack theme, all mage hunter theme, etc.) Some themes, however, let you take whatever you want or have three times the selection you would normally have (e.g. Llaelese resistance) on top of the benefits you get from that theme. If this is somehow balanced with every other faction's themes, (which I highly doubt) then the appearance of better benefits alone have made people I know very irritated with themes.
    Further, the themes have made the game into a boring "rock-paper-sciccors" game, even more so than it was before. As an example, don't even bother trying a Gaspy2 bane list into trolls, as one of their most powerful themes gives everyone in the army take down. There's definitely strategy in pairing decisions, but since you can essentially know who won the game itself before the match starts, it's boring (at least for me).
    Finally, the space is not casual friendly. Don't have all the models needed to make a decent theme list? Probably going to be crushed by the guys who do take themes. Any game needs a healthy amount of causal players for their meta. I frequent two stores in Fairfax and Ashburn, and within 6 months, 1 new person has actually been interested and kept playing Warmachine with cygnar.
    Warmachine/hordes has problems. I've tried speaking on this, and most of the answers I have gotten are "I thought you were a competitive player" and "You must be frustrated cause you lose." If we don;t take this seriously, the community will dry up.


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