Tuesday, September 25, 2018

We played The Edge by Awaken Realms

Jake and I got to play The Edge by Awaken Realms (http://awakenrealms.com/) last night instead of Imperial Assault. I kickstarted the table top game which had great minis and horrible rules, and I kickstarted this game because of great minis... and, surprisingly after the game last night, good rules.

So the basics: The game is set on a board with hexes within hexes. Each faction comes with assembled models already on hex bases, cards for the models, "action" cards, and all the tokens etc.

The world is basically an Apocalypse Doom-like world. Demons invade. People die. People rise up. Insert weird.  There are these crysals that everyone wants. We will call them Maguffin Crystals. These are all powerful things that power weapons, mutate "people", power lighting guns, blah blah blah. The factions are Humans (the Chapter): your religious group, Undead (Faceless): your mutating zombie faction, Werewolf Nature faction (Reborn) who screw with the board, Thugs (Demons) faction who.... are demons...., Squats (Dvergar) who are dwarves, Lightning throwers (Rha-Zack) faction... guess which one Jake played #Cygarprivilage, and the stretch goal DHAKNESSSSS (Darkness) faction.

I picked up the Faceless/Reborn box with the Rha-Zack add-on. I played the tree huggers and Jake played time-traveling lightning throwing Rha-Zack (God bless you). The game has a campaign, several actually, and a beat-each-other-in-the-face mode. We played that one. While you can build your own deck the rule book gives you "example" deck builds for your action cards. Being lazy we did that. It also has examples of where to place the terrain pieces. We did that too. The game also talks tactics but includes "But if you are playing the first time you can just place things on the board and it will be based on luck". Done!

The Interesting:
The game has alternating turns. You pick a model to activate then your opponent. The interesting thing is that you have an Active and Passive choice each turn. If you do an Active turn you can activate a model, use action cards, use your banner, and do stuff. In passive, you mine crystals, refresh crystals, refresh your banner and that's basically it. At the beginning of each turn you decide what mode you are doing.

This also translates into the models. Each model has an Basic side (Ya basic!) and an alternate side that you can flip to when that model activates. Example: My werewolf unit has a basic side where they had almost all even stats but on their Frenzy side they had better attack and less defense. The worms I had on basic was pretty even but on the Burrow side had no attack but super high defense.

Movement was also interesting in that it was based off spaces. So... the board is hexes of hexes. The larger hexes have bold lines and the smaller hexes have thin lines. Think of a single hex surrounded by hexes made a "space". When you moved a model you did it by big hex spaces but your base had to fit on hexes inside that space. Movement then became interesting because it wasn't counting each individual hex.

The Good:
Once you got the rules down, the game goes fast. The faction sheets have everything you need on it including rules and clarifications on specific words. The models and cards are beautiful. Even down to how you pack the models was artistic. Coming from a company that primarily does commission painting you would expect this.

The factions that we played had a unique feel. The way Reborn played was completely different from Haley... I mean Rha-Zack...

Combat! Oh my God... finally someone takes in consideration that faster moving things go first. Each model has a... dex?... stat. At the beginning of a combat you check to see which is higher. That player is the attacker. So your slow lumbering monster goes up against the small quick thing, the small quick thing will smack it in the face first. To offset this, if the defender beats you on the roll, they can immediately do an attack back.

The Bad:
The faction action cards are NOT balanced. Just looking at the Rha-Zack card that says you get another Active turn by spending a crystal, then you can use your banner to get that card back into your hand, then on the bonus active turn from the card you play that card again getting a third Active turn... Reborn can make trees...

I don't see a future for the game. I think it is fun to play but the company making it hasn't really talked about it much after it released and they have moved onto a card game based on the world. Even their website for the Edge has been snatched and goes to a spam site. I think after a few games you could understand what each faction does and shut them down pretty easy. Also, there is only a single lineup of figures for each faction so no choices.

The game is good but I don't see a future in it. If you see it at your FLGS then pick it up but I wouldn't go seeking it out right now. Hopefully Awaken Realms will put effort back into it and try to make it more.


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