Friday, July 19, 2019

Gloomhaven: The Video Game review

I am going to call this an Innsmouth Brew segment because it is about a board game.... kinda.

Lets just preface this with: Gloomhaven on Steam is in Early Access and is not a finished product. All opinions are made on this early access game are the based on such.

That's like when you were a kid and your parents would say "this is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you." You knew that crap was going to be bad.

Ok! So, Gloomhaven released on Steam for $25. I was able to play roughly through one mission before throwing up my hands and going over to do some video editing. I would have rather edit a video than play this game....

The Good:
It exists? Ok that was harsh. It does bring the game to a whole new group of people. While lacking, it does have the feel of the game with the urgency and strategy of it. That is the game though... literally the good is everything good with Gloomhaven.

The Meh:
The graphics are meh. The character models are meh. The room tiles are meh. The combat effects are meh+.

The Bad:
And it begins! Early access.... early access...

The music and sounds are horrible. They are uninspiring and sound like some just yelled "ugg!" into a mic with different filters. This is the least bad.

The cards.... Oh God the cards. They are horrible. I forgot that some cards are archived. Here lets look.

This is a tabletop Gloomhaven card. I can tell you the turn number, what it does, area effect, and... see that lovely GIANT CARD WITH AN X.... that is a discard card. It goes away if using that effect.

This is a Gloomhaven video game card. I can tell you the name, what it does, and.... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SYMBOL! Is that a glowing middle finger? Why the change?

Now now James. That's unfair. They can change some things. They don't have to port over the game exactly like in the board game. Yes, I know... but that is a very simple unnecessary change. And then there are the doors.

My first mission I was like, odd... one room. Bandits in one room. Ok. I guess that is ok. But nope. The door and wall looked so similar that I missed it until I accidentally walked into it. This isn't the only problem. Money is just a glowing yellow dot on the ground. I found that out when I saw a bandit crap it out when I killed him. Character items are hidden on the side in a bar. This could have easily been made better if you placed it on the bottom like the board you already have! A hidden board that I can click up that shows me what I have on. I keep forgetting I have equipment!

We have an 1/8th of the screen taken up by the turn order but super small icons for elements and effects.

I expected the road events to have some moving still picture with scrolling text giving it some dramatic exposure but nope. Zork text block that just said here is the event. Choose!

I was really looking forward to it, but we got a complete let down.  I really hope the roadmap makes it better.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

2019 Extra Life 24 Hour Charity Stream Aug 24-25th

It is on! Lets reach $500 this year for charity!

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